Helping Homeowners Grow Their Own Food

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Welcome to my garden. My name is Judy Frankel and I grow more than 185 varieties of vegetables, fruit, and herbs in my backyard using only organic, regenerative methods and so can you! For an article about me in the LA Times, read here:

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Here are some of the services I offer:
1. Help you choose fruit trees, berries, grapevines that work best in your specific microclimate.
2. Prune, train, and care for fruit trees to keep them productive and healthy.
3. Prune rose bushes and climbers.
4. Plan, design, and install new or renovate existing edible gardens using low- water-consumption irrigation, permaculture beds or raised beds, trellising systems, and biointensive methods.
5. Organize manpower to install or maintain your landscape. This includes crop rotation, planting your favorite vegetables in the proper season, and harvesting.
6. Host workshops for hands-on learning or teach at your venue.
7. Procure heirloom and rare varieties of fruit trees, tomato plants, berry brambles and vegetables that can't be found in local nurseries.

I also run the Rancho Palos Verdes Fruit Exchange, which you can access by clicking here: Rancho PV Fruit Exchange

For information about CSA's, (Community Supported Agriculture) refer to this link: Daily Breeze Article

Please visit my Pictures page; every picture you see are plants that I am growing myself. I took most of the pictures, but some were taken by a friend named Jeff Glickman, and he's quite the photographer.

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